Welcome to an exciting journey.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have joined us because of a deep sense of passion and purpose. Our team members are individuals who strive to touch the lives of many children in a different and unique way.

EduExcellence is a school different from any other. We understand that our environment, methodology and philosophy may be new and daunting and it is for this reason we train all staff members so that they can functionally contribute in creating our EduExcellence Environment.

This module aims as an introduction to our philosophy and methodology. All other modules to follow is based on the fact that you have a deep understanding of our philosophy, and that you will be able to implement knowledge and skills obtained in other modules into the framework of our philosophy.

There are a total of 12 lessons in this module. The lesson structure is the same for all the lessons. You will also notice that for each lesson there is an Infochart (see below) depicting all that has been discussed in the lesson. There will be a video about the content and then the content itself, in the form of a document. You are welcome to return to the content and review at any time.

Training is compulsory and an ability to express our philosophy at a 80% level is required to pass. An online workbook will be sent to you after attendance.

After completion of the workbook you are required to submit the workbook online, which will open up a conversation about the components presented to you. You have three opportunities to reach the requirements. If, during our ongoing online conversation you struggle to reach the required 80%, you will be invited to attend the training again.

After successful completion of this module we can safely assume that you have the necessary information to fit into our culture, express our views verbally and to live our philosophy every day.

I see this as a process.

Welcome to the


Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen